North American Pairs

The grass roots North American Pairs (NAP) start June 1 at the club and in a series of qualifying events work their way up to a national event.  Each club can hold up to 2 qualifiers each month during June, July, and August.  You can play in as many of these qualifiers as you wish.

Check with your local clubs for when these qualifiers take place.

You can qualify for any of 3 flights: Flt A: Open; Flt B: Under 2500; Flt C: NLM under 500. 

Once you qualify at the club level, you are eligible to play at a Unit Final.

Unit finals will take place during Sept, Oct and Nov of 2018.  Watch your unit or nearby units for their specific dates.  There will be more details as the units pick the dates for their finals.  You may play in only one unit final; it does not have to be your own unit.

If you qualify at the unit final, you can then play in the D21 district finals. You can play in any flight of the D21 finals if you qualify at the unit level for that flight.

D21 NAP Finals will be held:

Flt A - Dec 8 and 9 - Sat & Sun at 11am (4 sessions - 1st two qualify for Sunday),   Palo Alto Bridge Center, Mt View, CA

Flt B - Dec 16 - Sat at 11am (2 sessions) San Jose Bridge Club, San Jose, CA

Flt C - Dec 9 - Sun at 11am (2 sessions), Palo Alto Bridge Center.

The top 3 finishers in each flight of the D21 finals (4 for FLt B and C) are eligible to play in the ACBL NAP finals at the NABC in Memphis during Mar 2019.  The top 3 finishers receive cash stipends of $700, $300, and $200 each, and there is no entry fee for the ACBL NAP finals.